30-For-30 Update

I’ve been busy the past few months with moving and the holidays, but with the new year upon us I wanted to give some updates on the 30-for-30 list I had originally put out.

First, the list was only at 28 items, and I have added another one: sign up for a yoga class. That pushes us to 29 items, although I still have one more thing to think of to add to the list. Additionally, after reading through the list, I’m making two changes/clarifications. The first is to adjust #9: Eat a lobster, to #9: Eat the generally accepted as edible parts of a lobster. I’m not eating the shell. The other adjustment is to #19: Take the GMAT. I’m not sure this is something that makes sense for me to limit, since I haven’t really decided where I want to go with this, so I’m going to give myself a bit more leniency and say #19: Take the GMAT/GRE/LSAT. We’ll see where that leads.

Additionally, while I haven’t finalized any of the items on the list just yet, I do have #28 lined up to be completed this weekend (Attend the Detroit Auto Show), and will be traveling to Paris and India in early February, which should knock out #2 (Leave the US)…although I could knock that out this weekend as well by just hopping across the border to check out the lines at the Caesars Palace in Windsor.

While some of the list items are pretty straightforward (taking classes, learning a specific skill, etc), some are taking a bit more planning…namely…my biggest concern on any of them is #5: Running a 10k. I’ve used this as motivation to be in the gym much more since my original list was posted…and made it through the holidays unscathed. I intentionally didn’t put any weight goals or anything like that on here, but my thought process is that I will be 27 in 2015, which still gives me three years to get myself up to that distance…which will be an accomplishment for me, but isn’t really that long of a distance when compared to something like a marathon, or even a half marathon. My goal right now is just to cut weight so that, in preparing for the 10k, I don’t shred my knees and destroy my progress. I’ll probably need to include some weight lifting in eventually, but for now it is cardio canyon every time I go in. I’ve been doing this consistently since September, so it isn’t really a New Year’s thing, but I wanted to throw an update on it anyways.

I haven’t decided how I will document the whole process; I’m thinking I might put in some podcasts on the whole experience (hence taking care of #15 in the process)…we’ll see how that goes because I’m honestly not that sure of how even to do that.

Otherwise, I think all has been well-I look forward to updating you on the progress from this weekend!


Corey can be found making short and long term lists all day at work or at home, and sometimes talks about those @coreylarue on Twitter.

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Tech geek, sports junkie, foodie, doing the late-20s thing.

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