One Of My Favorite Games, Visually

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is it. I have finally found a photo of one of my favorite aesthetic games of all time. I present to you for your approval a photo from the 2009 matchup between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, in throwback uniforms, on a multi-use field.

I feel like I owe you some type of explanation. First, I am neither a Raiders nor a Chargers fan. I also do not remember the actual last time either of these teams wore these uniforms in the AFL. I love the aesthetics here because it shows how recently the NFL was able to do something just straight-up correct. Notice how there aren’t any pink towels or truly goofy gloves. Notice THE FIELD!!! Look at that multi-purpose field in all its glory! After Oakland finally gets new stadiums built, this look…the personification (to me at least) of a world where cites and regions understood that there was intrinsic value in buying/building one thing to cover multiple uses (and I’m certain if they wanted to today they could do it much better than they did then)…it just reminds me of the grit and determination that you see when you consider an old photo…maybe of the Steelers and the LA Rams?


I enjoy seeing these old-school images, and regret the fact that thanks to the way the business runs today, we aren’t going to see a whole lot of these big haul-em-up/knock-em-down games. The sport may be safer and more popular than it has ever been…but I still long for games that look this good.


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