I want to welcome you in to my re-imagined blog here on WordPress! This blog previously existed, and then I lost the password, but I have miraculously recovered it, wiped the slate clean, and have decided that there is no time like the present to get moving!

So, what am I looking to do with this blog, you may be asking yourself? Well, first and foremost, my goal here is to provide some type of entertainment, insight, or content for you to enjoy and spend some time with. Over time, I am certain this will include things like sports commentary, movie reviews, financial planning ideas, and observations on things like technology, urbanism, and politics.

I am hoping to place this blog somewhere within some fairly broad categories, and then to have the option to drill down further into those as time progresses. Hopefully, I will be introducing some other media content, such as podcasts, photos, and maybe some short movies.

“But aren’t there 10,000 websites out there already that I can waste my time on?”

Yes! In fact, I myself enjoy the latest Buzzfeed article as much as the next guy…but I have felt over the past few years that there is less and less actual, worthwhile content to hunt down and enjoy…and more and more Bleacher Report style slideshows that aren’t doing a whole lot for me. I plan to link these posts to my Twitter feed and maybe Facebook, but otherwise I’m trying to keep most content right here.

With that, I appreciate any excitement you can fake, and I look forward to your heading on this journey with me!


Corey can be found contemplating the benefits of drinking hot chocolate instead of shoveling endless amounts of snow on Twitter @coreylarue.

About coreylarue
Tech geek, sports junkie, foodie, doing the late-20s thing.

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