30-For-30 Update

I’ve been busy the past few months with moving and the holidays, but with the new year upon us I wanted to give some updates on the 30-for-30 list I had originally put out.

First, the list was only at 28 items, and I have added another one: sign up for a yoga class. That pushes us to 29 items, although I still have one more thing to think of to add to the list. Additionally, after reading through the list, I’m making two changes/clarifications. The first is to adjust #9: Eat a lobster, to #9: Eat the generally accepted as edible parts of a lobster. I’m not eating the shell. The other adjustment is to #19: Take the GMAT. I’m not sure this is something that makes sense for me to limit, since I haven’t really decided where I want to go with this, so I’m going to give myself a bit more leniency and say #19: Take the GMAT/GRE/LSAT. We’ll see where that leads.

Additionally, while I haven’t finalized any of the items on the list just yet, I do have #28 lined up to be completed this weekend (Attend the Detroit Auto Show), and will be traveling to Paris and India in early February, which should knock out #2 (Leave the US)…although I could knock that out this weekend as well by just hopping across the border to check out the lines at the Caesars Palace in Windsor.

While some of the list items are pretty straightforward (taking classes, learning a specific skill, etc), some are taking a bit more planning…namely…my biggest concern on any of them is #5: Running a 10k. I’ve used this as motivation to be in the gym much more since my original list was posted…and made it through the holidays unscathed. I intentionally didn’t put any weight goals or anything like that on here, but my thought process is that I will be 27 in 2015, which still gives me three years to get myself up to that distance…which will be an accomplishment for me, but isn’t really that long of a distance when compared to something like a marathon, or even a half marathon. My goal right now is just to cut weight so that, in preparing for the 10k, I don’t shred my knees and destroy my progress. I’ll probably need to include some weight lifting in eventually, but for now it is cardio canyon every time I go in. I’ve been doing this consistently since September, so it isn’t really a New Year’s thing, but I wanted to throw an update on it anyways.

I haven’t decided how I will document the whole process; I’m thinking I might put in some podcasts on the whole experience (hence taking care of #15 in the process)…we’ll see how that goes because I’m honestly not that sure of how even to do that.

Otherwise, I think all has been well-I look forward to updating you on the progress from this weekend!


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Introducing My 30-for-30 Challenge

It has been on my mind recently that I will be turning 30 in about three and a half years. In one of the books I have read, “Fat, Forty, and Fired” by Nigel Marsh, the author talks about how we generally greatly overestimate what we can accomplish in one year, but underestimate what we can accomplish in 10. I am someone who has tended towards goal setting as a motivator for my behavior. While it has not always been a successful endeavor (forcing myself to work out being a prime example), it has been able to motivate me to do a lot of things that I might not have otherwise attempted. In that vein, I’ve decided to steal the title of the excellent ESPN documentary series “30 for 30”, and set myself a list of items to work towards here over the next three and a half years. My list, and my journey towards that list, will be tracked above on the “30 for 30” page of this website, and updates regarding the challenge can be searched for on the “30 for 30” category on this page.

I am trying to keep this list from being something that I can exclusively solve by throwing money at it. There are a number of things that cost nothing or next to nothing, but are simply skills or things I would like to do (learning to juggle/watching movies/writing a short story), there are some things that will be cheap trips or things I can do with little investment because they are weekend trips from my house (visiting Gettysburg, going to the Detroit Auto Show), and then there are some items that will require throwing money (Northern Lights, NBA Game). I have also tried to use this list to capture some other things that I think I should be able to do or would like to do, but will take a lot more work…things like running a 10k (which will take probably two years of training for me), or completing the 100 pushup challenge.

Right now I only have 28 of the 30 things on the list filled out, mostly because I kind of ran out of ideas that fit the category, partially because I was tired of googling “Things to do before 30”, and partially because I wanted to solicit some ideas from others as to how I could round this list out. So feel free to leave a comment or whatever on here, or if you already know me shoot me a Tweet or a Facebook message. Hopefully this will be fun!


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Saturday Night Classic Movie Review: JAWS (1975)

Because my cable internet likes to go down all the time, and because I personally can only read so long before I want to just passively absorb something, a couple of months ago I purchased a BluRay player and have been slowly building my collection…$5 or $10 at Target or Amazon at a time. Last weekend (last Saturday night, actually) I was walking through the store and saw that classic thriller “JAWS”.

Truth be told, I have only watched Jaws once before, around 2003. In anticipation of our family trip down to Myrtle Beach (which would be marred by a severe case of sun poisoning and subsequent days spent playing indoor laser tag), my Dad sat both my brother and myself down to watch it the night before we left. In what I would probably call a classic case of young whipper-snappery, neither my brother and I were frightened enough to avoid the ocean, but I do give my Dad props for trying to keep us out of there (most likely so he could go play golf instead). Because it had been a decade since I watched it, this was basically the first time I was seeing the film in my adult life…and I have to say, it clearly holds up to time.

One of the things I genuinely like about this film is that the acts are so clearly defined. The first half of the movie takes place on the island with a host of characters, plot lines, personal and relationship drama, and denials about what is happening and how to fix it. The second half is a stage play set on the “Orca” with two focuses: the screenwriter’s development of the three leads set against the second focus: killing that goddamned shark.

Getting to watch the movie alone, in the dark, on a big HD screen with nothing else going on really set up the movie perfectly. The opening scenes, where the woman goes swimming only to meet her untimely demise, feels ominous immediately. Throughout the first act, Spielburg masterfully guards against showing the entire animal, which conditions you as the viewer specifically not to see it, but to hear it…thanks to John William’s phenomenal use of music. Of course, this only sets you up for shock when you don’t hear the sound and the shark seemingly comes out of nowhere later in the film.

It is easy to look back at movies and shows from earlier decades scoff at not only the situations that the characters place themselves in, but at the way modern technology would solve many of the issues they have. I call this the “Seinfeld iPhone Effect”…where almost every episode would have been resolved today simply by having a reliable way to get in touch with each other. Jaws doesn’t really suffer this, which I think is why it has stood up so well. Think about it: the Orca could have more horsepower, the little GPS tracker could have worked better, the shark cage might be stronger, Quint could be wearing a carbon-fiber vest…but with the whole second act being three dudes on the ocean in a run down boat…the only real difference between then and now is that Brody and Hooper would have been wearing Sperrys and not Chuck Taylor’s running along the side of the boat.

Speaking of style…I don’t know how many times I wished I could get my hands on some of the things Brody was wearing through the entire film. Obviously not the police uniform, but the relaxed, upper middle class east coast beach dweller thing he has going on…some of the t-shirts and turtle necks just look comfortable, with a subtle amount of je ne sais quoi that you don’t see with the other New England/Kennedy/Brooks Brothers stuff.


In any case, the movie holds up very well, and the BluRay restoration is stunning. While some movies from back in the day don’t have the staying power to get the full upgrade treatment (you can tell they have the B-Team working the restoration)…Jaws is clearly one of Universal’s babies, and they were not about to half-ass this one. The entire movie is crisp, the colors are consistent, and the sound, especially that Williams score, is crystal clear. If you haven’t watched it in a while, go ahead and throw Jaws up near the top of your list.

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One Of My Favorite Games, Visually

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is it. I have finally found a photo of one of my favorite aesthetic games of all time. I present to you for your approval a photo from the 2009 matchup between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, in throwback uniforms, on a multi-use field.

I feel like I owe you some type of explanation. First, I am neither a Raiders nor a Chargers fan. I also do not remember the actual last time either of these teams wore these uniforms in the AFL. I love the aesthetics here because it shows how recently the NFL was able to do something just straight-up correct. Notice how there aren’t any pink towels or truly goofy gloves. Notice THE FIELD!!! Look at that multi-purpose field in all its glory! After Oakland finally gets new stadiums built, this look…the personification (to me at least) of a world where cites and regions understood that there was intrinsic value in buying/building one thing to cover multiple uses (and I’m certain if they wanted to today they could do it much better than they did then)…it just reminds me of the grit and determination that you see when you consider an old photo…maybe of the Steelers and the LA Rams?


I enjoy seeing these old-school images, and regret the fact that thanks to the way the business runs today, we aren’t going to see a whole lot of these big haul-em-up/knock-em-down games. The sport may be safer and more popular than it has ever been…but I still long for games that look this good.


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I want to welcome you in to my re-imagined blog here on WordPress! This blog previously existed, and then I lost the password, but I have miraculously recovered it, wiped the slate clean, and have decided that there is no time like the present to get moving!

So, what am I looking to do with this blog, you may be asking yourself? Well, first and foremost, my goal here is to provide some type of entertainment, insight, or content for you to enjoy and spend some time with. Over time, I am certain this will include things like sports commentary, movie reviews, financial planning ideas, and observations on things like technology, urbanism, and politics.

I am hoping to place this blog somewhere within some fairly broad categories, and then to have the option to drill down further into those as time progresses. Hopefully, I will be introducing some other media content, such as podcasts, photos, and maybe some short movies.

“But aren’t there 10,000 websites out there already that I can waste my time on?”

Yes! In fact, I myself enjoy the latest Buzzfeed article as much as the next guy…but I have felt over the past few years that there is less and less actual, worthwhile content to hunt down and enjoy…and more and more Bleacher Report style slideshows that aren’t doing a whole lot for me. I plan to link these posts to my Twitter feed and maybe Facebook, but otherwise I’m trying to keep most content right here.

With that, I appreciate any excitement you can fake, and I look forward to your heading on this journey with me!


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